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Membership Benefits

REALTOR® Membership Benefits

Government Affairs
Legislative Advocacy:  REALTORS® fight to protect our member’s commissions.  We prevent new taxes on commissions and oppose laws that would make it harder for our member’s clients to find decent and affordable places to live.  REALTORS® lobbying efforts protect our members and their clients from bad laws.  We support laws that guard against frivolous lawsuits or any unnecessary burdens on the real estate transaction.

Quality of Life Program
Through the REALTORS® Quality of Life program, REALTORS® are taking the lead to ensure economic vitality, provide housing opportunities, build better communities with great schools and safe neighborhoods, preserve the environment that makes this such a great place to buy a home, and protect property owners’ ability to use, buy and sell property.

Professional Development
Continued Education:  REALTORS® are committed to providing affordable, quality education to enhance your career.
Professional Designations:  REALTORS® offer access to professional designations to give you an edge in your business.
Ed Con:  Ed Con is the Washington REALTORS® Symposiums covering current legal topics, cutting edge technologies and business practices.

Business Support
Real Estate Business Forms:  Carefully developed by REALTORS® and prominent real estate attorneys, REALTORS® enjoy a special purchase price.

Health Care and Insurance
REALTOR® Medical Insurance Plans:  Group medical insurance plans are available through Benefit Consultants Northwest.
Long Term Health Care:  Members may purchase Long Term Care Insurance from Diane Steeves with a 15% group discount.
Mutual of Omaha Companies:  Mutual of Omaha offers REALTOR® members a variety of disability programs which can be tailored to meet your individual needs.

Protect Your Business
Errors and Omission Insurance:  Pearl and Associates offers a program designed specifically for REALTORS®.

Legal Hotline Services
The REALTORS® legal hotline offers access to real estate related legal information.  This is an educational service for members and is not intended to replace personal legal counsel.

Stay Informed
Newsletters:  Stay abreast of what’s happening in real estate.  Each month we will send out a KCAR Newsletter with the latest news and information. 
Website:  Our website hosts resources and contains information you can use in your business.

Affiliate Membership Benefits
Our Affiliate members are some of our most active and valuable members of the Kitsap County Association of REALTORS®. Here are some of the reasons we have Affiliate members representing lenders, home inspectors, title companies, insurance agencies, and other related industries.

As we associate and work with the REALTORS®, we get to know their needs and wants.  By doing so, we become more useful in helping to strengthen their businesses, and at the same time, build our own.

In being active with the KCAR committees, working on the different projects, supporting them in any way we can, we build relationships, credibility, and business.

Networking opportunities
With more than 560 REALTORS® in the Association, networking is beneficial to our Affiliates’ success by networking with REALTORS® through symposiums, seminars, committee meetings and other events.

New Member Orientation
Introduce yourself as an Affiliate to our newest REALTORS® by participating in our New Member Orientation classes. You will get the opportunity to pass out business cards, brochures, and other goodies.  In addition, Affiliates will provide lunch for each class.  In exchange, you’ll get the opportunity to welcome the class during the lunch break and give a brief overview of your company and the services it offers to REALTORS® and their clients.

Invitations to events
As a valued Affiliate, you and your company will be invited to participate in all of our Association’s events, including educational seminars, the annual golf tournament, luncheons, and more!

Advertising opportunities
With your paid membership, you will receive a free directory listing on our website.  We also offer affordable advertising rates for our Newsletter.  

Stay up-to-date
As an Affiliate member, you will be added to our e-mail list.  You will be notified of key legislative developments, industry trends, and other important issues affecting the real estate industry.

In addition to the networking opportunities and events noted above, you have a representative on the Association’s Board of Directors.

Become An Affiliate Member
Affiliate Members are individual firm locations which, while not engaged in the real estate profession, have interests requiring information concerning real estate and support the purpose of the Association.  Affiliate Members may attend and participate in Association and committee meetings, but do not have voting rights and cannot hold an elective office. They may not use the REALTOR® symbol.


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